The Mytho interview
by Charles Eames 

- "Draw me a sheep"
- "No! Design me a mytho!
A true titan of intergalactic design thanks to a few flagship creations combining wood, resin and fiberglass, Charles Eames, 117 years old and an Audiard-style verve, never ceases to leave his mark on the four corners of the globe. 

Charles Eames
"With The Woods, I'm going to blow up what will now be my most beautiful Parisian setting"

After a studious summer redesigning the visual identity of Saupiquet's head office in Vezoul, he is now at the helm of a Parisian project at the height of its excess: thinking about the decorum of The Woods gallery in the XNUMXth arrondissement. Meet.

ALAIN POSTEUR: For those who do not know you yet, you are to design what Saupiquet with couscous and sausage is: cult ... (he cuts) 

CHARLES EAMES: You speak, Charles. 

ALAIN POSTEUR: Don't be modest. What if you had a few words to sum up your greatest creations? 

CHARLES EAMES: (Sipping his Perrier puck) Wooden splints for the wounded in WWII; the DSW chair (Dining Sidechair Wooden base) which at the end of the 50s was the very first chair produced industrially in resin and fiberglass; the lounge chair, made of leather and wood ... I stop, for the rest you have Wikipedia.

ALAIN POSTEUR : What led you to this project in partnership with The Woods gallery?

CHARLES EAMES: I had known Simon and Lauren since 2010, we met at a pony course in Chaville. Lauren immediately wowed me with her modern take on prêt-à-porter and what she wanted to create; Simon had the beard of an asshole that commanded respect. And I thought he wore his Pegasus brilliantly. We also had this common passion for Beat 2 ball et Capone & Noreaga.
When they had the idea of ​​setting up this gallery for two, it was therefore quite natural that I offered to ensure the arrangement, the "color" of the furniture and objects on sale.

ALAIN POSTER: What were your key words for this decoration?

CHARLES EAMES: Dwarf, finger, bar.

ALAIN POSTEUR: But still...

CHARLES EAMES : Of dwarf, with the mischievous statuettes in injected plastic designed by Ottmar Hörl. Of finger, with the irreverent resin sculptures by artist Maurizio Cattelan - from cactus also, with the emblematic piece of the transalpine publisher Gufram. And the bar, with chairs and armchairs of my creation, all in fiberglass.

ALAIN POSTEUR: One of your most famous hallmarks, these chairs ...

CHARLES EAMES : If you say coconut. Besides, the parigo barge had better not hang around, because with Simon's banter, they go like hotcakes.