Joe Colombo's Mytho interview

- "Draw me a sheep"
- "No! Design me a mytho!

With his false airs of a Roman consul that are underscored by a short beard collar and haughty head posture, the most futuristic and functional of transalpine designers is full of praise when we mention the case of his official gallery owner since 1972, Simon Lecoy.

Joe Colombo
"Amor di Dio, it is to him damn Simon that yé owe my resurrezione!"

Especially since it is to the latter that the master designer of molded plastics owes his salvation, after having rubbed shoulders with the oil crisis and the soaring price of pipe tobacco. Small conversation with broken sticks under the golds of The Woods gallery. Singing accent required.

ROMY RATE: Simon here, Simon there ... listening to you, Simon Lecoy acts as a true tutelary figure when you are heard. Why such enthusiasm for it?

JOE COLOMBO: (Stuffing his pipe with gusto) Ma ... Ma qué Simon represents for me la dolce vita, le Vesuvius, le dolce & gabbana de initiative, le Gucci della ambitione and del amore for beautiful objects ... Il bello ragazzo really gave me back my faith in my mastery.

RT: What is the origin of this unconditional love?

JC: Yé would like to say first and foremost that Simon is the only one who really trusted me, at a time when he was ready to break the pipe. Simon always believed that he was unique, diverso from others.

Why were you depressed at the time?

JC: But the oil crisis of 1972 almost hit me, I who used plastic as the main materials (Editor's note: plastic). And pouis pipe tobacco has climbed a lot that year, yé or very afraid de plou to be able to achieve it ...

RT: This is where Simon greets you, while, drunk, you stagger under a Roman bridge, ready to drown in the Tiber ...

JC: (Tilting her head back on the high cushion of her Elda chair)
If, if ... was screwed there, was disperato. Ma qué Simon my gratitude I immediately offered to put mi Créazioni on deposit in his gallery. Il figlio di Dio, ma ... it was loui!

RT: A few words about your collaboration since that famous "annus horribilis"?

JC: Ma ... Simon gives me carta bianca per tutti. Yé know he sells my Elda armchair (Editor's note: Joe Colombo hesitated for a while to rename his emblematic armchair, "Lauren", to thank his benefactor) and lamps that have established my fame: KD27, KD29 ...

RT: Your future joint projects?

JC: Inventare (Editor's note: invent) a rotomolded plastic pipe, because yé souis he is a big fan of pipe in front of the Eternal! 

Text: Benjamin PIETRI