Verner Panton's Mytho interview

- "Draw me a sheep"
- "No! Design me a mytho!

Eternal white beard and priceless debonair smile, Verner Panton, 92, never ceases to shake the design planet thanks to his colorful, organic, psychedelic creations. After dragging his gaiters to the Beaugrenelle shopping center, where he arranged for the Aigle and Petit Bateau boutiques last year, the man now joins forces with his lifelong friends, Lauren and Simon (happy owners of the gallery The Woods in Paris), to oversee the 2018 women's ready-to-wear collection. Magneto, Sergio!

Verner Panton 
"I wanted to create a space-age atmosphere at the gallery"

Armchairs, lamps, tapestries, public or domestic environments ... We knew you were a jack of all trades, but in terms of clothing fashion, this is a first. .

VERNER PANTON: (Swiveling her chair back, all smiles) Do you mind?

TD: You can say it like that. More seriously, what led you to this new project?

VP: Friendship already. Fifteen years since Lauren, Simon and I are registered at the same bridge club in Grigny. The frenzied scrabble games until 9 o'clock in the evening, the pints of cooler to make you squint in front of Louis the flea market ... it really united us. And then I really liked the Black Orchid t-shirts that Lauren had made. I offered to bring my vision to his collection. She immediately accepted. The Patti series was born.

TD: You are referring to organic cotton tees and sweatshirts stamped "Patti", in reference to Patti Smith ...

VP: That's it. I first proposed "Roger" (for Roger Moore), but it did not happen.

TD: Did you have specifications for this new collection?

VP: : Yes, it was about giving a retro-futuristic accent to certain cuts; combining materials and original prints, all in an eco-responsible way. I wanted to add organic embroidery to it, with lettuce or tofu, but it didn't happen.

TD: And in terms of the layout of the gallery, did you have your say?

VP: Of course. I supervised the lighting, including two of my creations, the famous Panthella lamps. I also fitted out the toilets. Basically, I wanted to create a space-age atmosphere like "2001, the Space Odyssey". But it didn't happen.

Working with friends, exhilarating?

VP: Very. Every morning I giggled with excitement at my Golden Grahams. Joining such a motivated tandem in a gallery combining vintage, contemporary, ready-to-wear, photography, entomology and workshop design within it ... With their sharp, racy, anachronistic selection, Lauren and Simon really make me want to be. associate with them. And that could pass.

Text: Benjamin PIETRI