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1 / How to wear leather shorts?

The leather shorts are an ideal piece to wear in mid-season, when it is neither too hot nor too cold! For cooler days, you can for example associate it with an oversized sweater, a pair of opaque tights, and ankle boots. To wear the leather shorts elegantly, don't be afraid to wear them with a blazer-style jacket. If you like very short shorts, we advise you to wear it with a pair of sneakers or flat sandals, and a basic T-shirt. For an evening, we advise you to combine your leather shorts, preferably wide and high-waisted, with a blouse and a nice pair of heels!

2 / What are the origins of shorts?

Appeared at the end of the 19th century, the shorts were historically intended for the practice of outdoor sports; it was then called "short panties". In the 1920s, it was given the name of shorts and it was adopted as summer clothing in the 1930s. Its popularization went hand in hand with the advent of paid holidays in France. Initially, it was mainly worn by a young population; It was not until the 1950s that the majority of age groups carried it. Over the following decades, it was shortened to make way for mini-shorts!

3 / How to cut jeans to make shorts?

Denim shorts are the highlight of the summer; they can be worn with many pieces. If you have old jeans that you don't wear anymore, rather than get rid of them, make them into shorts! To do this, choose the jeans you want to cut. Then, put it on, and make a mark at the desired length with chalk. If you want to make a cuff, allow about an additional 4 cm. Then lay the jeans on a flat surface, and trace the cutout with a ruler, at the mark, then cut with a sewing chisel. Be careful to cut the same length on both sides. If you want, finish by hemming.

4 / How to wear denim shorts?

Denim shorts are an essential piece to have in your wardrobe when summer arrives. If it is so popular, it is because in addition to being comfortable, it has the advantage of being associated with everything. You can find them in blue, white, black or gray jeans, low rise or high rise, raw or ripped. For cooler days, you can wear your denim shorts with a light sweater and a pair of ankle boots for example. You can also wear it with a long blazer, for a look that is both chic and relaxed! If you have a denim jacket, don't be afraid to dare the total look. Finally, for hot summer days, wear it with a pretty pair of sandals and a strappy top!

5 / How to make elastic sports shorts?

Making sports shorts is not very complicated, you just need to know how to go about it. For this you will need the following materials: kraft paper, a pencil, scissors, a sewing machine, elastic fabric, thread in the color of the fabric, an elastic (for the belt), pins, a pin to nurse, and a yardstick. Follow the steps below. Step 1: Make the pattern of the shorts. To do this, take your own shorts, fold them in half, draw the outlines, and cut them out. Leave a margin of 4cm at the top for the waistband, 2cm at the bottom for the hems, and 2cm at the sides for the seam. Repeat this operation a second time to make the pattern for the parts that form the back of the shorts. Step 2: Pin the pattern to the fabric, and cut out the four necessary pieces, two for the front, and two for the back. Step 3: Sew the two parts for the front together, and the two parts for the back together. Step 4: Sew the two pieces together, side to side. Step 5: Make the belt. To do this, fold the top of the shorts and sew them. Then thread an elastic through it using a safety pin, and sew the two ends of the elastic together. Step 6: Now all you have to do is do the hems on each leg, and you're done!

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