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1 / How to put a scarf around your neck?

The scarf brings a touch of elegance to an outfit, it is undeniable ... provided that it is well worn! Here's how to tie your scarf properly around your neck, just like a flight attendant. To start, lay your scarf flat on a flat surface. Then, fold the scarf back on itself, lengthwise, without tightening it too much. Put it around your neck, and tie a double knot at the level of your collarbone; the scarf should be loose enough around your neck; you have to suffer to be beautiful, but all the same, no need to strangle yourself!

2 / How to wear a bandana?

Bandanas are the star accessory of the summer. If they're meant to be tied up in the hair, you don't have to limit yourself to that! Here are some original ways to wear a bandana. On pants: To tie a bandana on your pants, you can tie it around your belt; enough to add an accessory to your outfit and give it a boost! On the wrist: Around the wrist, a bandana brings a festival look! On your purse: Tying a bandana to the handles of your purse is a good way to personalize it, especially if your bag is a bit dull in color.

3 / How to make a bandana?

Making a bandana yourself is really not complicated; if you are new to sewing, practicing making a bandana is ideal! Your bandana will have the advantage of being unique. For this, take a large piece of square fabric, regardless of the material, whose ribs measure at least 60cm. Hem all around: fold the hem, iron, and pin. Then sew the fabric; if you have a sewing machine it will be much faster, but you can absolutely do it by hand! Your bandana is already ready, you just have to tie it nicely around your hair.

4 / How to fold a bandana to put it in your hair?

Bandanas are very trendy in summer; they keep the hair in place, rather practical to keep it cooler! We will teach you how to fold a bandana that you can wear as a headband. To do this, place your bandana on a flat surface, and fold it so as to form a triangle. Fold the point of the triangle over the middle of the hypotenuse, then make three folds forward to get a headband. Wrap the bandana around your head, and tie it, over your head or below your hair! You can keep your hair down, or tie it up in a braid or ponytail!

5 / How to wash a silk scarf?

Silk is a material as elegant as it is delicate; in order not to ruin your scarf, you must wash it with the utmost care. Obviously, it is forbidden to machine it! To wash your silk scarf, soak it for a few minutes in a basin of cold water mixed with a little mild shampoo. Then change the water to rinse your scarf in plain water with a little white vinegar. Wring out the scarf without forcing it too much so as not to damage it, and put it in an absorbent towel so as not to damage the fabric. To dry your scarf, lay it flat on a towel, and especially not in the sun!

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