Jacobsen, Hein and Mathsson Super-Elliptical Table / L 150 - Fritz Hansen - Vintage-The Woods Gallery
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Fritz Hansen
Super-Elliptical Rosewood Table 180cm by Jacobsen, Hein and Mathsson - Fritz Hansen - Vintage-The Woods Gallery
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Fritz Hansen
Swan Sofa 2 seater by Arne Jacobsen - / L 144 cm by Fritz Hansen - Vintage-The Woods Gallery
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Fritz Hansen
Arne Jacobsen Book from Christopher Mount-The Woods Gallery
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The Woods Gallery
Swivel Egg Chair and Ottoman by Arne Jacobsen - Fritz Hansen - Vintage-The Woods Gallery
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Fritz Hansen

1 / What is the functionalist current of which Arne Jacobsen is a part?

The functionalist trend is an architectural trend which aims to explicitly show the use of buildings. It was Chicago Louis Sullivan who, at the beginning of the 20th century, summed up functionalism in a single sentence: "form follows function". The shape of the constructions inspired by this current followed directly from the use for which they were intended. It should be noted that the functionalist current has been the subject of numerous criticisms; indeed, for some great professionals in the field, such as the artist Peter Blake or the architect Philip Johnson, their profession is not to do function, but art.

2 / Why was Arne Jacobsen's ant chair so successful?

Arne Jacobsen's ant chair was created in 1952. If it is so nicknamed, it is because its curves are reminiscent of an ant, its waist is narrow, and its steel legs are thin. The backrest and the seat, in plywood, form a single piece. It sounds amazing, but this chair was not immediately successful; its design was perhaps too avant-garde! The year of its manufacture, after its spring exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts, success has finally come. Its slim and minimalist design, its solidity and above all its lightness has won over many people.

3 / What is modern Scandinavian design, of which Arne Jacobsen laid the foundations?

Modern Scandinavian design, as the name suggests, is a blend of Scandinavian design with modern design. Scandinavian design uses natural materials like wood or rope, and the resulting furniture is both simple and functional; as for the modern design, it is characterized by sober, geometric and refined lines, and promotes minimalism. Arne Jacobsen, a great Danish architect and designer, is one of the fathers. Throughout his career, he developed this very particular style, the influence of which is still very strong today throughout the world; modern Scandinavian design continues to inspire adults.

4 / What is the Egg armchair by Arne Jacobsen?

The Egg armchair is one of the most legendary works of Danish designer Arne Jacobsen. Created in 1958, this armchair was designed to furnish the reception area of ​​the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The rounded armchair contrasted with the horizontal and vertical lines of the hotel: success was evident. Certainly one of the most famous armchairs in the world, it consists of a fiberglass shell and polyurethane foam padding. It has the shape of a real cocoon in which we want to nestle; in addition, the backrest has the advantage of being reclining.

5 / What is the Bellavista housing estate built by Arne Jacobsen?

The Bellavista housing estate, located just north of Copenhagen, was built and completed in 1934 by Arne Jacobsen. In Denmark, the housing estate is the clearest example of Bauhaus architecture; the Bauhaus style is a style that represents simple geometric shapes, without particular decoration. Bellavista is a set of 68 apartments, arranged in the shape of a U, and composed of three wings. The apartments have a sea view, and some stores have been incorporated into the set; the whole enabled Arne Jacobsen to realize his dream of building a modern city. Close to the subdivision, Arne Jacobsen also designed the Bellevue theater.

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