Enhance your interior with pretty cushions

Enhance your interior with pretty cushions

Cushions are essential decorative elements if you want to create a cozy and warm atmosphere in your home. Your guests will feel more welcome on a plush sofa adorned with cushions! Full of advantages, the cushions complete the decoration of the living room. However, the sofa is far from the only place you can decorate with cushions! Read the rest of this article if you want to know a little more; we will also give you some tips to match your cushions as best as possible.


The cushion: a simple object, many advantages!

Although the pillow is just a simple object, it comes with many advantages; here's why you should have it in your home!

The diversity of models : The cushions have the advantage of being available in many models; whether in terms of shape, size, material or even color, you will inevitably find one whose aesthetics meet your expectations. There are squares as well as circles, with plain colors or patterns, in velvet or cotton… Enough to achieve a sophisticated decoration!

Mobility : Want a change of decoration? No problem, swap your cushions, or change the covers directly, it will take you five minutes! With cushions, you can change the atmosphere of your interior as you wish.

The price : Most cushions on the market are very affordable; an economical way to have a nicely decorated interior!


Cushions, where?

When we think of a cushion, we always think of a sofa. Although the sofa is the favorite spot for cushions, it is not the only one! Here are the places where you can dispose of it.

In the living room : Cushions have their place on the sofa and on the armchairs, of course. But you can also buy floor cushions (yes, there are), to have in a corner of your room, or at the edge of the coffee table when you receive guests. If your window sills are wide enough, you can also have them here.

In a room : In a bedroom, cushions are ideal for dressing the bed when you are not in it. Remember to match them to your sheets so that there is not a mixture of colors or patterns too important; otherwise, the decoration could seem too busy!

In the dining room : If your dining room chairs lack comfort, do not hesitate to install cushions on them; some are specially designed for, and have a strap that is used to hold the cushion to the chair. In addition, you can match the color of your cushions according to the decoration of your table!

Outdoors : If you are lucky enough to have a garden or a balcony, know that there are outdoor cushions. Rather practical, especially since outdoor furniture tends not to be very comfortable.


Some tips for matching your cushions with furniture

Are all these colors, shapes and patterns making you lose your mind? Don't panic, we're here to advise you. It is not that difficult to match your cushions with your furniture, there are only a few rules to follow. First of all, know that if you are afraid of making a mistake in taste, you can choose gray cushions; they agree with all the other colors, the hottest as well as the coldest. Then try to create a contrast with the colors; for example, if you have a light sofa, choose dark cushions, and vice versa. If your interior already has several colors, the ideal is for your cushions to recall one of the colors already present in the room. If your interior is sober enough, this is an opportunity to add color!


The rules to follow when matching cushions with each other

Matching cushions to your furniture is good, you know how to do it. Now we are going to give you some tips to match your cushions with each other. Indeed, even if each cushion goes well with the furniture individually, the whole may not be harmonious at all! We recommend that you do not mix different patterns together, unless they remain in the same tones. For example, you can combine two cushions, both black and white, but with different patterns. In the same way for the colors, one should not mix more than two different ones, except if they compose a monochrome. You can also completely mix different materials, while ensuring that the colors are the same.

 Now that you know how to enhance your interior with pretty cushions, we have selected a few items for you, available on the website of The Woods Gallery, or directly in our shop, located in the heart of the Montmartre district.


See this cushion here.
See this cushion here.
 See this cushion here.