A vintage sideboard for its interior

A vintage sideboard for its interior

A row, what is it?

A sideboard is a fairly long storage unit, most of the time equipped with sliding doors and compass feet. Appeared in the 1900s in northern European countries, and mainly produced in Denmark and Sweden, the vintage sideboard has become a flagship piece of Scandinavian furniture. This piece of furniture, made of wood, gives a natural and warm look to any room. Its height can be variable, whether by its volume or the length of its feet. It allows a significant space saving in a living room, a kitchen or even a bedroom, since it has a large storage capacity.

In short, the sideboard is THE piece of furniture that is as aesthetic as it is functional!


Danish vintage sideboard

You can buy this Danish vintage sideboard here.

Danish vintage sideboard


You can buy this vintage sideboard on high legs  here.

You can buy this vintage low sideboard here.

Some tips to highlight your vintage sideboard


The environment that will make your sideboard stand out : To bring out your vintage sideboard, it is advisable to surround it with a wall and a floor in sober and light tones. Thus, the gaze will easily be on the sideboard rather than on what surrounds it. Of course, nothing prevents you from adding a few touches of bright colors to your decoration! On the wall, you can have a large mirror to give depth to your interior, a beautiful poster, a painting, or make an assortment of small frames. This trick will indirectly decorate your sideboard! As for the floor, decorate it with a pretty Scandinavian rug in a natural material such as wool or rope.


row decor

Decorate the wall with a wall shelf : And why not have one (or more!) Shelves above your sideboard? It is a very good idea to decorate your sideboard without directly cluttering it. You could have some additional decorative elements there; photo frames, candles, lamps, decorative objects, or a pretty hanging plant for example. In this way, the environment in which your sideboard is located will particularly highlight it.


vintage sideboard bar

Decorate your furniture : A few decorative elements will enhance your row and give it a personal touch: for example, you can put a few frames, a pretty plant or a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a mirror, or even small candles! In this way, you will create a decoration that looks like you without directly touching the piece of furniture in question. If you like to change your decoration regularly, you are free to do so whenever you want; you can add objects, remove them, or just change their arrangement!



Playing with light : In order to put your vintage sideboard in value, it is important that a light source, whether natural or artificial, is directed towards it. You can, for example, place your furniture in front of a window or a bay window, put a decorative lamp on it, put a floor lamp next to it, or even hang a pretty pendant light just above. The frame in which your sideboard is located is very important; it allows its development by leaving you a wide range of possibilities.



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