A warm atmosphere in its interior

A warm atmosphere in its interior

When winter approaches, we all want to transform our interior into a cozy and warm little cocoon! Thus, winter evenings are much more pleasant. Know that an interior is not warm only by its temperature; the visual is very important. We will give you our best advice to create that long-awaited winter atmosphere!


Focus on lighting

Lighting is not the first thing we think of when we talk about a warm atmosphere; however, it is essential. Note that a warm light is preferable in this case; if your lighting is too cold, you just need to change the bulbs. Do not hesitate to add some garlands to hang on the edge of the windows! Also think about auxiliary lamps: on your coffee table, they replace the main lighting for a more subdued atmosphere.


Install candles

We agree, we are not all lucky to have a fireplace or a stove at home, real assets to create a warm atmosphere in your home. In this case, candles are ideal; scented or not, you can have it on a table, on a window sill, or on a shelf! If you want scented candles, be careful to choose a delicate scent; too strong an odor could bother some people.


Adapt your furniture

Some rooms have a warmer appearance than others; in fact, vintage furniture in particular is more apt to create this atmosphere, while modern furniture generally seems much cooler. You can get vintage by hunting in flea markets or by going to specialized stores. As for the choice of your dining room table, prefer a table with rounded angles to a square or rectangular table, it is much more user-friendly! Wood, in general, is the ideal material to create a warm atmosphere; for a table, a sideboard or chairs, think about it!


Decorate your interior with small elements

Certain decorative elements contribute to a warm atmosphere, especially when it is personalized. For example, you can put frames with souvenir photos on a piece of furniture, or attach them to the wall. Photo frames invite conviviality! You can also decorate your interior with objects brought back from your travels; there is nothing better to personalize your decoration while remembering wonderful memories every day!


 Bring in a little nature 

Incorporating some natural elements into your interior is a simple way to make your interior warm. Of course, you can buy plants or bouquets of flowers, whether they are real or synthetic. But you can also buy a macrame rug, wicker baskets, or a bamboo suspension for example; be inventive! You can even craft items using natural materials however you like.


 Play with textiles 

The advantage with textiles is that there is a wide choice of materials and colors, and that you can easily change it when you get tired of your interior decoration. For example, have many cushions and throws on your sofa! For a friendly atmosphere, bet on the ottomans, to install around your coffee table, or in a corner of the room. Finally, think about the curtains: once closed, in the evening, they have the advantage of creating a real protective cocoon!


 Create a warm atmosphere from floor to ceiling! 

The colors and materials chosen for the floor and walls play an essential role in creating your atmosphere. For the floor, the ideal would be to opt for a light wood parquet; beige or off-white for example, to stay in warm colors. Tiling, which gives a cold appearance, is not recommended. For the wall, dare the color terra cotta, or the warm brown!

 Finally, a warm atmosphere is, in terms of colors, quite neutral; but nothing prevents you from adding a few touches of color here and there, without overdoing it. It could be a few cushions, a rug, or a frame for example! The most important thing is that you like it. This article is coming to an end; finally, we have prepared a small selection of articles to help you decorate your warm interior.


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