Jean André

Jean André

Dreaming of a great tattoo from a great artist but you don't know where to get it? We are two !

Don't worry, Jean André and The Woods Gallery have the solution.


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Jean André


The artist and tattoo artist of Aveyron origin and now based in Paris is a big name in the image.

Indeed Jean André de Trémontels has a sacred passive.


He began to make himself known by working with music labels like Because Music for which he made the cover of a Justice project. He also works with Bromance Records or Ed Banger for which he is artistic director for 3 years.


He continued as a graphic designer with major brands such as Maison Kitsuné, Adidas, Nike, Heineken, Le Coq Sportif and Colette but also with young emerging designers.


He also works with the Club Nuit Fauve and the Hôtel Le Pigalle in Paris for which he is also artistic director.



Gentleman Art


In parallel with these different activities, Jean André tackled painting and watercolor.

He was then able to develop his own style, “Gentleman Art”.


This style is characterized by great sensuality, almost torrid, nuanced by an always fine, controlled and elegant line.

He himself explains that he was inspired by his grandfather, a hell of a tomboy, classy in all circumstances.


We find his style accompanied by words or light phrases in the tattoos he produces. His living room, Good Day Tattoo Club is also based in the 18st District of Paris.


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A multitude of works


Beyond tattooing which is now one of his main activities, Jean André has created several editions of serigraphs inspired by the flash aesthetic and his recognizable style.


A series of T-shirts has also been released in collaboration with The Woods Gallery, not to mention the superb Eames chair that he personalized for the Montmartre boutique.


He also developed posters like mouth watering or even Mouth Strawberry while he recently published a book, Don't mind, bringing together a large panel of armadillo flash.

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You can of course find most of Jean André's work at the boutique or on the website of The Woods Gallery.

As you will understand, no need to get a tattoo to take a piece of Jean André's work with you!