How to integrate a designer coffee table into its interior?

How to integrate a designer coffee table into its interior?

The coffee table, practical and essential, is usually the piece of furniture that is in the center of the living room. Investing in a designer coffee table is a good way to add character to your interior and to have a piece of furniture that you will (hardly) see in someone else's house! Designer furniture has the advantage of being produced in smaller quantities than furniture produced by large industrialists; however, their price can sometimes be a barrier to purchase. In order to best integrate your designer coffee table into your living room, here are some tips to help you combine your table with other furniture in your home, choose your coffee table, and decorate it to enhance it! 


How to adapt your coffee table to your interior?

One of the main criteria for choosing your designer coffee table is the interior decoration of your living room. It would be a shame to have a pretty table that absolutely does not blend in with the decor! To adapt your designer table to the furniture in your living room, choose materials and colors that go well with the rest of your interior. The most important thing is that the coffee table blends well with the sofa and the rug. Harmony is the key!


How to choose your designer coffee table?

The dimensions : The size of your coffee table should be adapted according to the size of your room. Indeed, if the table is too big for the space you have, then your living room will appear smaller than it actually is. As for the height of the table, the ideal is that it be identical to that of your sofa; on the market, coffee tables are generally between 25 and 40 cm high.

The material : The manufacturing material is to be chosen according to the style you want. A wooden table will be perfect for a Scandinavian decoration, a metal table for an industrial style, and for small spaces, a glass table will seem less imposing than a table made of a material that is not transparent. 

The form : Coffee tables generally have a round or rectangular shape. Round tables are more suitable for large spaces, when surrounded by several armchairs and sofas. Rectangular tables are ideal if you only have one sofa, two sofas facing each other, or a corner sofa.

You now have all the keys in hand to choose your coffee table!

How to decorate your designer coffee table?

What could be better than a pretty decoration to highlight your coffee table? If you're lacking inspiration, here are some tips to spruce up your table.

Bring some greenery : To give a natural touch to your living room, buy a plant or a vase in which to place a bouquet of flowers. If plant care isn't your thing, you can always buy fake ones!

Arrange some candles : Candles are ideal for creating a subdued and intimate atmosphere in your living room. You can play with models, colors, and scents!

Place a decorative tray : A decorative tray, regardless of its shape and material, will bring a nice touch of decoration to your interior; in addition, you can have a few small practical everyday objects there.

Install a lamp : A small decorative lamp, to be placed on the table, will diffuse a warm atmosphere in your living room.

Now that you have read these few tips, make room for your imagination and adopt a decor that suits you!

This article is now coming to an end; you now know how to choose your designer table and showcase it in your living room! Here is now a small selection of designer coffee tables, available on the website of The Woods Gallery, or directly in our Parisian boutique at 22 rue André del Sarte (18st arrondissement). 


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