How to integrate a Scandinavian, modern or fancy sofa into your interior?

How to integrate a Scandinavian, modern or fancy sofa into your interior?

Centerpiece of the living room, the sofa must be adapted to the rest of your interior to create harmony. Whether you have a Scandinavian, modern or fancy sofa, we are going to give you some tips to highlight them and integrate them into your decoration. Obviously, these tips are only indicative, nothing prevents you from creating an environment in another way; the main thing is that you like it!


A Scandinavian sofa

 A Scandinavian sofa is composed of a wooden structure. Its covering is in fabric. Usually, its wooden legs are in the shape of a compass, and the sofa has a clean design. Like all Scandinavian-inspired pieces, natural materials are preferred for its manufacture.

To integrate your Scandinavian sofa into your interior, we advise you to create a "natural" environment; for this, give preference to natural materials as much as possible. For example, you can buy a wooden coffee table, a macrame rug, linen cushions as well as a plaid in light tones. Do not hesitate to let go of the plants! A potted plant at the corner of the sofa, a bouquet of white roses in a terracotta vase placed on the coffee table, or a falling plant on a shelf fixed to the wall ... let your imagination run wild!


A modern sofa

A modern style sofa is a sofa with a very clean design. This is an ideal style for people who are into simplicity. Geometry is also a hallmark of modern style. The lines are crisp, there is nothing superfluous!

To integrate a modern sofa in your living room, we advise you to create a space entirely in the modern style. For example, opt for a rectangular marble coffee table, a black metal floor lamp, a pendant lamp in the center of the room ... Be careful with the modern style, it could quickly seem a little cold! To avoid this, we advise you to add a few touches of color with cushions for example, as well as a plaid or a faux fur rug for a cocooning atmosphere, and a few candles to warm up the atmosphere!


A fancy sofa

Unlike the modern style, where the lines are particularly clean, the fancy sofa gives way to extravagance! It has a decorative aim, and its original form is often embellished with original and colorful patterns; the fancy sofa, when there is one, is usually the part of the living room that sets the tone of the decoration.

In order not to fall into the extreme, we advise you to remain fairly neutral on the rest of your decoration. However, you can always integrate some elements whose color recalls one of the colors of the sofa; it can be a vase, a frame, or a carpet for example. Be sure to keep a certain consistency between the colors that make up your living room. Plus, don't overdo it with the throws and cushions!

 This article is coming to an end. Now that you know a little more about the different styles of sofas and that you know how to integrate them into your decoration, we offer you a small selection of sofas in each of these styles, available on the website of The Woods Gallery or directly. in our shop located in the 18st arrondissement of Paris, at the foot of the Sacré-Coeur.


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