How to accessorize your interior with small details?

How to accessorize your interior with small details?

Decorative objects are to a room what jewelry is to a man. They are a bit of the “finishing touch” to your interior decoration, the elements that are added last to polish it up. Often underestimated, these little details have the power to totally change the atmosphere of a room. In this article, you will find a small list of these elements, and how you can use them. Good reading !



Lights are essential to have at home; they are not only practical, but can also be very aesthetic, and participate greatly in the decoration of your interior. There are many models, more or less original, which will set the tone of your room; for a Scandinavian style you can install a bamboo pendant light, and for an industrial style a metal floor lamp for example! Table lamps, suspensions or floor lamps, you will certainly find lamps that suit you!


The rugs

Incorporating rugs in your interior is a simple way to delimit the space and structure a room. In addition, they bring a cozy atmosphere to your interior; a living room in which is located in the middle of a large faux fur rug will immediately appear more friendly and comfortable! There are different shapes and colors; you will inevitably find a carpet adapted to your tastes! In a living room, the ideal is to place a rug under your coffee table, in front of your sofa. In your room, a rug at the foot of the bed will soften your mornings, even the most difficult! For a Scandinavian style, opt for a macrame rug; if you prefer the cozy side, the faux fur rug will satisfy you.


The candles

Fancy a subdued and warm atmosphere? There is nothing better for this than candles! To decorate your interior, play with the different styles of candlesticks or candlesticks. You can also choose scented candles; however, if you have more than one, avoid turning them on at the same time so as not to mix the fragrances! You can install it on your tables, on a piece of furniture or shelves; consider placing it in your bathroom to create a relaxing spa atmosphere when you take a good bath!



Frames are small elements that will personalize your interior. You can choose photos taken by yourself, your friends or family for example, or images found on the internet that inspire you. On a piece of furniture or on a shelf, the frames will dress your furniture wonderfully. You can also hang them on the wall, and even create a wall of frames to match each other! If you choose this option, keep in mind that the whole formed by your frames must be harmonious. 



Want to invite nature into your home? Add a few small plants, or even bouquets of flowers! For an added decorative touch, play with the different shapes and colors of vases and pots available on the market. To dress up a piece of furniture, as decoration on wall shelves, or even on the floor, plants are ideal for creating a "Zen" atmosphere in your interior. If you don't have a green thumb, you can definitely buy fake plants or fake flowers; some look really real, and you won't have to worry about the sprinkling and sunshine!



It is well known that mirrors are often used to give a sense of depth to a room. They come in various sizes and shapes, to be placed on a piece of furniture or fixed to the wall. To integrate a mirror into your interior, you can place a large model on the floor, or create a wall of mirrors for example; think about matching them, the result will be all the more harmonious!

Now that we have given you some ideas for decorating your interior with small details that you can change as you wish, we offer you a selection of items to enhance your home. These items are available on The Woods Gallery website, as well as in our store in Montmartre.


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