Choosing and installing a sofa

Choosing and installing a sofa

The sofa is the central part of the living room; this is why his choice is not to be taken lightly! There are many models, and you will have the choice regarding its height, size, material, colors ... Difficult to make the right choice! In this article, we're going to give you some tips to help you choose the sofa that suits your needs. We will also give you some tips to highlight it in your living room. 


What are the important criteria for choosing your sofa?

The height 

No matter what style of sofa you want, the height of the seat is an important criterion. It should not make you feel difficult when you stand up or sit down. It is advisable to choose a seat whose height is between 40 and 50 cm.



First of all, you need to choose the size of your sofa according to the space you have and the shape of your living room. Before going to the store, take the measurements of the room that will host the sofa. Depending on their arrangement in the store, the sofas may look larger or smaller, and also ask yourself how many seats you would like it to have. Depending on the shape of the living room, you can opt for a straight sofa or a corner sofa. Finally, if you lack space in your interior, you can opt for a sofa bed, which will serve as an additional bed if you often welcome people.



It can be difficult to choose between a leather sofa or a fabric sofa. The leather sofa has the advantage of being very resistant over time. Its maintenance is very simple, it is usually sufficient to clean it with a special care cream for leather sofas, as well as a cloth. As for the fabric sofa, it is often more comfortable to the touch, does not become too cold in winter or sticky in summer like leather, but if you have the misfortune to stain it, or one of your children (if you have) put felt or chocolate on it, it immediately becomes more difficult to maintain.

To choose the sofa that suits you, in addition to your tastes, you will have to take these criteria into account!


The colour 

The color of your sofa depends on your tastes on the one hand, and the colors already present in your living room on the other hand. If you have a living room in very sober tones, a sofa is an opportunity to integrate a room of strong color into your interior. Conversely, if your interior is already loaded, we advise you to choose a sofa in neutral tones: white, beige, gray, or black!

 How to highlight your sofa?

The carpet

Rugs are the best way to structure a room. The ideal is to install one at the foot of your sofa. We advise you to choose it in a color that contrasts with that of your sofa, so that these two pieces are both highlighted. You can choose a patterned, faux fur, macrame rug ... there's no shortage of choices!


The coffee table

The coffee table goes hand in hand with the sofa. If you have a corner sofa, we recommend investing in a square table. If you have two sofas facing each other, a rectangular or oval coffee table will do just fine! Note that for more comfort and better aesthetics, it is advisable that the height of the coffee table is the same as that of the seat of your sofa.


The cushions

Cushions are the most practical and economical way to showcase your sofa. With them, you can afford all shapes, colors and materials! The advantage of cushions is that you can change their cover as soon as you want to change the decoration a little. 



Last essential element to highlight your sofa: the plaid, of course! Not only will TV evenings be more comfortable, but also, the plaid will dress your sofa wonderfully. Consider matching it with the rest of your decoration for a harmonious look!


This article is coming to an end; now you know which sofa is right for you, and you will know how to show it off without any problem once you get home! Finally, we offer a selection of sofas, available on the website of The Woods Gallery, or directly in store (Paris 18).

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See this sofa here.