Tips for a tidy interior

Tips for a tidy interior

Like everyone else, you must certainly hate clutter; but paradoxically, storage is not your cup of tea. Need some tips? You have come to the right place! We will give you our best advice to keep an interior in order, room by room; to finish, we will give you tips applicable to any place of your place of life; you will have no more excuses! Keep in mind that storage is not the most pleasant chore, but it is nevertheless essential!


Tips for having a tidy living room

Have a basket of letters / documents "to read" : If you are the type to pile up your letters on the coffee table in the living room and never read them lazily, we advise you to buy a small basket in which you will put all your documents as you go. Give yourself a moment, at least once a week, during which you will read and deal with the documents in this basket. Once finished, you won't hear from it again until next week, and the piles of papers lying around will be gone!

Invest in storage furniture : Storage furniture, here is a solution! If your living room is regularly messy, it may be because you lack storage. Shelves, sideboards, or bookshelves for reading enthusiasts, you will surely find a storage that suits you. However, be careful not to have too much open furniture; these give an impression of disorder. In addition, consider buying a storage compartment to put somewhere; practical for small objects lying around and which risk getting lost at the slightest opportunity!

Install small baskets : Storage baskets can be a way to keep an interior tidy without taking too much of our time. As soon as something is lying around, immediately put it in a basket. When the basket is full, put away what's inside! You can even put a basket at the bottom of the stairs, for items that have nothing to do on the ground floor!


Tips for keeping your room in order

Make your bed every morning : Obvious, and yet ... We cannot repeat it enough; when her bed is made, even if the bedroom is a mess, it still looks relatively tidy. Plus, it can motivate you to put the rest away! And what could be better than making your bed to start the day on the right foot?

Sorting in your cupboard : A badly stored wardrobe can explain the disorder in your room: you no longer have room in it to store your sweater? Too bad, he will stay on the ground! To remedy this problem, we advise you to carry out a major sorting in your cupboard at each change of season. Empty everything, and divide your things into three piles: "to keep", "to give", and "to throw away". Thus, you will have the necessary space to store your things, which will no longer hang around the four corners of your room.



Tips for a tidy bathroom

Organize your products and accessories by type : To keep a bathroom tidy, we recommend that you organize your products by categories. For example, plan a drawer for makeup, one for towels and washcloths, one for shower gels, one for products in stock, one for hair accessories ... That way, as soon as something is lying around, you you will know right away where to store it!

Have a basket of household products : In order not to be affected by acute flemingitis as soon as you start tidying up and cleaning your home, we recommend that you have a basket available in your bathroom in which all household products, microfiber cloths and sponges you may need. It will motivate you for the chore, we promise!

Tips for having a tidy kitchen

Do not allow dishes to pile up : To avoid ending up with a sink overflowing with dirty dishes, we recommend that you wash it as soon as you have finished preparing food for the pots, and at the end of the meal for the rest. It is always nicer to wake up in the morning with a clean and tidy kitchen!

Do not accumulate foodstuffs : Very often, we tend to buy too many cans of canned goods, pasta, or other foods with almost unlimited consumption date. This stacking of stock can quickly make the kitchen look messy. This is why we advise you, as soon as you go shopping, to take a look at everything you have; that way, you won't buy what you already have, and you will have more space in your kitchen!


A few more tips!

An object = a place : If you assign a specific place to each of the objects you own, there is no longer any reason for them to end up in the wrong place!

Make a to do list of the parts to be stored : If you are feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in your home, do not hesitate to make a list of things to put away. Bar as the storage progresses; it is rather motivating!

The two-minute rule : This little corner will not take more than two minutes of your time to be tidy? So do it now, don't wait!

Do a little every day : It is well known, the greater the mess, the less you want to tidy up. If you tidy up a bit every day, it will be much more encouraging. 

Do a big sort : Once a year or so, do a great spring tidying up. During the year you will surely have furniture, unused objects that have accumulated in your interior: it is time to get rid of them!

Asking the right questions : Before buying anything, we advise you to ask yourself this question: "do I really need it?" ". If so, buy it; otherwise, no need to encumber yourself further!