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1 / How to shorten a shower curtain?

When buying a shower curtain, it is rare that it is exactly the right length. Shortening it then becomes essential. However, some precautions must be taken. Indeed, the majority of shower curtains have a leaded base. In this case, do not shorten the curtain from the bottom, but rather make a clip at the top of the curtain, just below the rings. If the bottom of the curtain is not plumbed, you can just hem it. If there is too much fabric, do not hesitate to cut an end of it so as not to have a too thick hem; this would prevent the curtain from drying properly. In any case, it is better to sew by machine, as the fabric can be hard to pierce by hand. To make sewing easier, you can also iron the hem before going to the sewing machine. And if you like retro decor for your bathroom, discover the Seleti toiletpaper magazines !

2 / How to wash a shower curtain?

First, unhook your shower curtain. To remove stains, rub them with white vinegar using a cloth if your curtain is PVC, and with Marseille soap if it is cotton. Then put it in the machine. For a PVC curtain, use a synthetic program at 40 degrees maximum; too high a temperature could damage your curtain. For a cotton curtain, you can use a normal 60 degree program. To prevent mold after washing your curtain, soak it in a basin filled with salt water (2 to 3 large handfuls of salt). To dry it, simply hang it up on its rod.

3 / How to prevent the shower curtain from sticking?

Who has never known this unpleasant feeling of the shower curtain that sticks to us at the slightest movement? Here are some tips to remedy this problem. Weighting the hem: Weighting the hem, that is to say adding weight in it, will keep the curtain taut. It will therefore tend to move at the slightest movement. You can also directly buy a curtain with a lead base. Using Suction Cups: Simple but effective, you can sew two suction cups to the bottom of your curtain, one on each side, and attach them to the tub as soon as you shower. Use a “heavy” fabric curtain: The heavier the fabric of your shower curtain, the less volatile it will be. For example, you can opt for a vinyl curtain. Invest in glass: This solution to replace the shower curtain is more expensive, but the investment is worth it!

4 / How to fix a shower curtain?

So as not to flood your bathroom and shower in complete privacy, a bath curtain turns out to be an ideal and inexpensive solution at the same time. Follow these three steps to properly secure your curtain. Choosing the shower rod: There are three types of shower rods, and you will have to be careful to choose the one that meets your needs: the classic bar that is fixed between two walls; the angled bar if your shower or bath is at an angle; the bar without walls, circular or semi-circular, to be fixed directly to the ceiling if your bathtub is not surrounded by walls. Secure the rod: The rod must be neither too high so as not to make handling too difficult, nor too low to protect as much as possible from splashes. It is generally placed 190 cm from the ground. Then, use a fixing with suction cups if you do not want to drill your wall, or else a fixing with screws, which will hold much better. Before hanging your bar, slip rings. Install the curtain: The hard part is done; all you have to do is pass the eyelets of the curtain through the rings, and voila!

5 / What material to choose for your shower curtain?

There are mainly two types of shower curtains: plastic / PVC ones, and fabric ones. These two types of curtains each have their advantages and disadvantages; here are some details to choose the one that suits you. Plastic curtains: The advantage of plastic curtains is that they are the most economical. But their material is quite unpleasant on contact with the skin, and they tend to be damaged much more quickly than those made of fabric. Fabric curtains: More expensive, however, they have the advantage of being more solid and lasting over time. They are also easier to maintain.

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